October 22, 2015

The Connection Among Fawad Khan, Mahira, Malala and Shiv Sena

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These three persona's and one political party of neighbor country has raised concerns over recent happenings in Pakistan, England and India. Fawwad and Mahira are renowned, edge-cutting celebrity of Pakistani soil are being appreciated in whole sub-continent for their contributions to the Pakistan's drama series ' Humsafar'. My personal favourite too!! 

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Sadly, in recent week news hit that the Shiv Sena's target list had Fawad and Mahira on top. Probably, they do not want to let the peace happen between Pakistan and India that has just began on the media level. But!! on other hand Shiv Sena would feel obliged if Malala Yousuf Zai visits India. They further stated that Malala will be given warm welcome. This is all because she is an educational activist and speaks for education and education awareness. 

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The question remains unanswered in the mind of people (at least in Pakistan).

Shiv Sena, the political party of India; a country where bollywood rules and benefits country in tons of profit, why would not they let the Pakistani celebrities promote their movies (produced and

directed in India only) and increase the target audience across the sub-continent which will be beneficial for both India and Pakistan in terms of cultural exchanges?

The same political party encourages and welcome Malala Yousufzai, an international personality (but a controversial in Pakistan) to visit India and spread the word. The question lies why merely Malala is acceptable and not the rest of the country Pakistan; neither the Pakistani cricket team nor the Pakistani celeb's?

Something sounds fishy though!!

May Allah bless Pakistan and rest of the world.

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