October 23, 2015

How Pakistani Young Generation Is Excelling And Implementing Business Ideas

                Pakistan is really a great country with loads of potential youth it has under its umbrella. They are rising and shining than ever before with the help of a digital world. Social Media has just nailed the opportunities for the youth.

           Recently, I have came across two new entrepreneurs in the business world two (partners) from Okara (the rural part of the Pakistan) and the other one thoughtful group from Lahore (one of the metropolitan cities of Pakistan).

          They have made tremendous innovations with the already existing tech, skills and resources. Two partners from Okara had started a business of shoe-making with original leather and delivering it across the world. They really had made a great business out of it earning millions of rupees but that was not just a cup of soup for them. Surely, they did saw the highs and lows of emerging and down business. The best part was they never quit. Perhaps, you should take a good look around there website and judge it by yourself if I am any lying (lol :P)

                                                Here is the website of Markhor

            The thoughtful group from punjab has just been able to come across with a Travly app, which is just an amazing feature for the residents of Lahore. It is of great help to them for travelling across the city whenever they just need the ppublic convence on an urgent basis to reach somewhere. Residents of lahore are happy and Rickshaw wala's (the Rickshaw driver) too for they get the quick service and the latter the passengers with no idle sitting anymore. Mashallah!! Happy Pakistan!!

                                                     Check out the website of Travly

They were just few young people.

What about the rest of the youth?

             We are just great at creating facilities for others by inventing new creative ideas out of the need. Both these new entrepreneurs were created out of the experience they had. Those are the personal stories and available on web.

It all happens when you aspire to inspire. 

Get Inspired and Inspire Others!

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