October 22, 2015

Fraud, Banking Transactions And Documents


            Well!! the fraud starts with converting black money into white. The main reason behind this is to finance the terrorism activities. It is mainly carried out by dummy individuals who are not the actual owner of the funds they deposit in bank. Yes bank. Now the point is why bank? because it is the only channel through which it can be cleaned and to counter the same financial institutes has set up an anti-money laundering departments which keeps a close check on the transactions that are being carried out in order to detect any fraudulent activity in a particular account.

             Therefore, a policy has also been formulated by a regulator of Pakistan to avoid any such financing. Financial institutions are also vigilant in this regard. However, the only unwilling factor is public, the customers and account holders. The reason why they are unwilling is their lack of awareness about financing of terrorist activities and how they operate. Due to the same reason they do not render or either hesitate the documentation required by the banks to complete the procedure of their transaction. And to speak honestly those who really becomes rigid to provide such document(s) as asked by a bank, then that particular individual comes under the umbrella of suspect. As we all know the genuine will not ever hesitate to go through the procedure but only the suspected and guilty ones will create mess. Their frustration could easily be seen on their face.

             So, here we conclude that the genuine people will not get frustrated and mess up for any documents they will be asked for carrying out a particular transaction or anywhere. They wont hesitate to show their original documents and merely the imposter will do that.

            See, people just do not realize the fact that how great it will be of help for institutions to detect any such person who is involve in converting illegal money to legal. The funds are then used by terrorists to implement their vicious terrorists activities. And in result of those havoc terrorists activities we lose our loved ones. Our street, town, city and in the end the whole country suffers with the stain of being called a country where terrorist activity prevailing is quite as normal as breathing.

Get yourself documented. Show your identity or any other relevant document when asked by relevant authorities.

Buck up Pakistanis!! 

Save yourself. Save Pakistan. 

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