October 23, 2015

How Pakistani Young Generation Is Excelling And Implementing Business Ideas

                Pakistan is really a great country with loads of potential youth it has under its umbrella. They are rising and shining than ever before with the help of a digital world. Social Media has just nailed the opportunities for the youth.

           Recently, I have came across two new entrepreneurs in the business world two (partners) from Okara (the rural part of the Pakistan) and the other one thoughtful group from Lahore (one of the metropolitan cities of Pakistan).

          They have made tremendous innovations with the already existing tech, skills and resources. Two partners from Okara had started a business of shoe-making with original leather and delivering it across the world. They really had made a great business out of it earning millions of rupees but that was not just a cup of soup for them. Surely, they did saw the highs and lows of emerging and down business. The best part was they never quit. Perhaps, you should take a good look around there website and judge it by yourself if I am any lying (lol :P)

                                                Here is the website of Markhor

            The thoughtful group from punjab has just been able to come across with a Travly app, which is just an amazing feature for the residents of Lahore. It is of great help to them for travelling across the city whenever they just need the ppublic convence on an urgent basis to reach somewhere. Residents of lahore are happy and Rickshaw wala's (the Rickshaw driver) too for they get the quick service and the latter the passengers with no idle sitting anymore. Mashallah!! Happy Pakistan!!

                                                     Check out the website of Travly

They were just few young people.

What about the rest of the youth?

             We are just great at creating facilities for others by inventing new creative ideas out of the need. Both these new entrepreneurs were created out of the experience they had. Those are the personal stories and available on web.

It all happens when you aspire to inspire. 

Get Inspired and Inspire Others!

October 22, 2015

Fraud, Banking Transactions And Documents


            Well!! the fraud starts with converting black money into white. The main reason behind this is to finance the terrorism activities. It is mainly carried out by dummy individuals who are not the actual owner of the funds they deposit in bank. Yes bank. Now the point is why bank? because it is the only channel through which it can be cleaned and to counter the same financial institutes has set up an anti-money laundering departments which keeps a close check on the transactions that are being carried out in order to detect any fraudulent activity in a particular account.

             Therefore, a policy has also been formulated by a regulator of Pakistan to avoid any such financing. Financial institutions are also vigilant in this regard. However, the only unwilling factor is public, the customers and account holders. The reason why they are unwilling is their lack of awareness about financing of terrorist activities and how they operate. Due to the same reason they do not render or either hesitate the documentation required by the banks to complete the procedure of their transaction. And to speak honestly those who really becomes rigid to provide such document(s) as asked by a bank, then that particular individual comes under the umbrella of suspect. As we all know the genuine will not ever hesitate to go through the procedure but only the suspected and guilty ones will create mess. Their frustration could easily be seen on their face.

             So, here we conclude that the genuine people will not get frustrated and mess up for any documents they will be asked for carrying out a particular transaction or anywhere. They wont hesitate to show their original documents and merely the imposter will do that.

            See, people just do not realize the fact that how great it will be of help for institutions to detect any such person who is involve in converting illegal money to legal. The funds are then used by terrorists to implement their vicious terrorists activities. And in result of those havoc terrorists activities we lose our loved ones. Our street, town, city and in the end the whole country suffers with the stain of being called a country where terrorist activity prevailing is quite as normal as breathing.

Get yourself documented. Show your identity or any other relevant document when asked by relevant authorities.

Buck up Pakistanis!! 

Save yourself. Save Pakistan. 

The Connection Among Fawad Khan, Mahira, Malala and Shiv Sena

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These three persona's and one political party of neighbor country has raised concerns over recent happenings in Pakistan, England and India. Fawwad and Mahira are renowned, edge-cutting celebrity of Pakistani soil are being appreciated in whole sub-continent for their contributions to the Pakistan's drama series ' Humsafar'. My personal favourite too!! 

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Sadly, in recent week news hit that the Shiv Sena's target list had Fawad and Mahira on top. Probably, they do not want to let the peace happen between Pakistan and India that has just began on the media level. But!! on other hand Shiv Sena would feel obliged if Malala Yousuf Zai visits India. They further stated that Malala will be given warm welcome. This is all because she is an educational activist and speaks for education and education awareness. 

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The question remains unanswered in the mind of people (at least in Pakistan).

Shiv Sena, the political party of India; a country where bollywood rules and benefits country in tons of profit, why would not they let the Pakistani celebrities promote their movies (produced and

directed in India only) and increase the target audience across the sub-continent which will be beneficial for both India and Pakistan in terms of cultural exchanges?

The same political party encourages and welcome Malala Yousufzai, an international personality (but a controversial in Pakistan) to visit India and spread the word. The question lies why merely Malala is acceptable and not the rest of the country Pakistan; neither the Pakistani cricket team nor the Pakistani celeb's?

Something sounds fishy though!!

May Allah bless Pakistan and rest of the world.

March 09, 2014

Life in Silence

Life at old age or after 50 becomes dull, slow and quiet. People by then just go with the flow. They take rest, sleep, involve in minimal activity and wait for the death angel to come and take them away. The scenario here is for poor people. If the same poor people get money in their hands, they must have been reliving their lives. Money keeps person captivated otherwise in silence, with closed lips, closed eyes and deep thoughts. They by then commence to live in moments of joy when it hits them or else lonely lost in past, memories, promises, lost moments and harsh words.